Video Production


Video Production

 I've recently started producing videos for people and businesses of all kinds! Some of the videos I've made are down below, including my YouTube Playlist where I post all of the videos I've made, unless I'm posting them directly on the business's or person's YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other type of social media account. 

Full Video Production Playlist

E-commerce Portfolio

I made this video for a website I'm currently creating, The Call of the Craft, which is password protected at the moment as we're still making some small edits to it before we launch. The 1:27 long video displays all the products for sale in her shop, along with information about them, as well as a nice review about one of her products that you can choose custom components for, along with all the ways you can customize it. 

I also included a sweet little intro about her shop!

"Welcome to my little world of witchery...

Full of wonderful items that will bring some extra love, luck, and happiness into your home and your life..."

Watch the full video below!

Screen capture of tweet by The Call of the Craft, clicking on this image will take you to this tweet.

Athlete Portfolio

Below, you'll see I've put together a Disc Golf Portfolio for Jay Barrows, who has been a semi-pro disc golf player since at least 2016. At the beginning of the video, you'll see the custom "Player Profile" I made for him, where I put all his stats, such as age, height, weight, his disc golf statistics, hobbies, and his favorite disc golf quote. When you watch this 18:47 long video, you'll notice that I silenced the original videos and put music over them, except for when the disc hits the chains on the basket, when the people around him make comments like "Nice!", or when they cheer. I've also added in some sound effects, for some of them I've silence the music a bit during the sound effect, and then the music goes back to full volume when that sound effect is done. I've also added some text and a few stickers on the video, some were added specifically to match the sound effects, such as the text "Making a splash", a sticker of water splashing, and a sound effect of water splashing when you see his disc splash into the lake. 

TikTok Video

I made this TikTok video for my dad's small town insurance business, Prince Hill Insurance Agency, LLC. This video is all about home insurance, and helping regular people learn the down and dirty details of it. Watch the video to learn more!

My TikTok

I recently made my own TikTok account, which I have added below. You'll be able to see all my videos there; so far I only have a few up, but I'm working on making making more!


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