My name is Brenna Meade. I'm currently based in Connecticut where I was born and grew up, and quite honestly - never left. I'm obsessed with graphic design, making jewelry, and I also love designing websites! On my main website, The Spoonless Witch, I offer handmade jewelry, all-natural skincare, prints of my photography, which you will see here on the page photography, and I do tarot readings as well. My goals are to get better at graphic design, website building, and coding. 

I first picked up a camera when I was about 5 or 6 years old; my mom's friend had given her a camera and she let me use it often. Eventually it became more than just playing around and having fun, and it became something I thought about continuing on into a career. I entered my pictures in local our local county fairs and won blue ribbons in both our local fairs multiple years. For  birthdays and Christmases, I would often ask for a new camera, and I appreciate that both my parents helped me support my dream. As I grew older, different hobbies and crafts came into the mix, which is when I opened up my website, The Spoonless Witch. Thankfully, I've had a lot of support there from friends, family, and my new customers.

I'm really thrilled about this new chapter of my life with this new business, new website, new tools. I feel like there's a shift coming, and I'm so ready for it to catch me! 


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